1) Chasin' The Music

Music and words by Sylvia Elbaz


I was born in Brooklyn in another time

There were trolley cars and buses on an overhead line.

Chickens were for flickin’, no homogenized milk

And I was chasing the music.

Daddy was a broker down on Wall Street.

Mama had the coffee klatch & Mah-Jong beat.

Sister was a kewpie doll. Brother grew tall.

But I was chasing the music.

Now they said, ”Listen, gal, you’re never gonna get rich;

With the singin’ and the dancin’ and the ever what which.

You gotta do something practical.

You gotta stop chasing the music.

So I studied Biology and Chemistry,

But I never ever went to the Library.

I was singing in the Square with the other folkies there

We were all chasing the music.


Now Daddy hit it rich in the 60’s market.

Bought Mama furs and jewels and an Oriental carpet.

Sister and Brother were Ivy League

But I kept chasing the music.

Now, Sister met a man with a house and a boat.

They had a boy and girl and they’re all afloat.

She had studied her Philosophy.

She never ever chased the music.

Me, I married a piano man.

He played the 88’s like no one can.

We had two kids, but we had no dough,

‘Cause we were both chasing the music.


Well, I lost my man before his time.

I lost Mom and Dad too, but they were 89.

Sister got her Master’s. Brother went out West,

But I kept chasing the music

Well, I did my time in the Board of Ed.

19 years I was almost dead.

40 kids to a class, 2 more at home;

I was facing the music

But now the kids are grown and they’re out on their own,

And I get a second chance to go around.

So I got out my guitar and my ukelele

And I’m out here chasing the music.

Now I am a big star on TV,

Cooking health foods, drinking sassafras tea,

Got Mama’s furs and jewels and the Oriental carpet

But I‘ll never stop chasing,

I’ll never stop chasing,

I’ll never stop chasing the music – yeah!






2) When Things Go Wrong

Music by Sylvia Elbaz, words by Sylvia Elbaz & Clare Lobel


When things go wrong

I write a song

At first there’ll be no name.


And oft at times

When I make rhymes

Some change, some stay the same


But deep inside of my knowing,

I sense the hope that is growing


I feel the music is flowing

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do


And now at last

The die is cast

I know just what to do.


With great delight

I sing and write

To bring a song to you.


Music: Sylvia Elbaz

Words: Sylvia Elbaz & Clare Lobel






3) Moonlight On The Mississippi

Music and words by Sylvia Elbaz


The river’s flowin’, the stars are glowin’

The barge is creepin’, the people sleepin’

But I’m awake here in the moonlight on the Mississippi.

I’ve had some tough breaks and some heartaches,

But I’m refusin’ to be losin’

When there’s music and there’s moonlight on the Mississippi.

Came down from Memphis, on past Natchez

Where the morning mist hides the sunrise

But there was sunshine in the people

And their stories made me wise.

When this trip’s over for this rover

I’ll remember way past December

When I was happy in the moonlight on the Mississippi.

I was so happy in the moonlight on the Mississippi






4) Tangerines And Beans

Music and words by Sylvia Elbaz



Solo: I’m the cook who wrote the book, put it in the pot-I’ll take a shot

Group: She’s the cook who wrote the book. Stir it in the pot; get it while it’s hot.



Take string beans and an onion or two

Also eggplant, I like the purple hue.

Add ripe tomatoes, the cherry ones will do

And with some garlic, we’ll make a pot au feu





Carrots give us Vitamin A.

Parsley keeps hypertension away

But we really would like a little crunch

So toast those almonds and add them to the bunch.





We ate our string beans. Now we feel so serene.

Let’s finish off with a luscious tangerine

And for music, la la la la la la la la la la la la la, please by all means,

Bring out your drums, bells and tambourines




Coda: Tangerines and beans!  Why not?






5) Dance With The Breeze

Music and words by Sylvia Elbaz, Steve Little & Lois Norton



What time is it when it’s raining?

A little boy wanted to know

What day is it when you’re dreaming?

How was the world long ago?

Well, we could drink from the streams in the morning

See the stars clearly at night

We paid no heed to the warnings

The future appeared to be bright



Dance with the breeze

Listen to the trees

Sing with the stars

Play your guitars       (OR    Make peace not wars)


The greatest truth we bring to you

The world won’t change (clap, clap)

Until we do.



We thought that we could change the world

It seems that we have not

And if you do what we did

You’ll get what we got

It’s time to make some changes

Time for a brand new start

The greatest transformation

Begins with an open heart





The planet we are sharing

Is not like it was then

But for every child that’s born

This world begins again

How can we renew the Earth

From the rivers to the skies?

Come children, stand on our shoulders

Help us see it through your eyes.








6) An Amoeba's Love Song (Agar Revisited)

Miriam Burnett


Come away. come away with me dear-o

 To the land of the one-celled blobs

Where society blesses protoplasmic caresses

 While proliferating by gobs

And we won’t need a lock on the door

 Or a reason for living in sin

The media father all manner of ardor

 And we’ll thrive on whatever we’re in


And we won’t nee to delve into Freud-o

 In the land where the jelly flows free

Our motile projections will make self -corrections

 On a micro-organismic spree

So come away, come away with me dear-o

 For biotic vacations galore

We’ll daily unite in nucleal delight

 And find happiness forever more.






7) Part-Time Lovin' Man

Music and words by Sylvia Elbaz


It’s good to have a good man---------It’s good to have a good man

It’s good to have a good man who won’t get in the way.

He just came into view

He was cute and sassy too

We danced and we played

And he really made the grade

To be a Part Time Lover (Part Time Lover) Part Time Lover (Part Time Lover)

Part Time Lover and he don’t have to stay, and that’s A-OK,

‘Cause he’ll just get in my way.


My kids are grown

My time is my own

I paid my dues

I can do as I choose

And have a Part Time Lover , etc.


He’s got a live in gal and some live out ones too, they say his morals need reviewin’

But from what I hear, to me it’s clear he’s only being human.

And even though he’s not all mine, his manners are divine.

He’s a Part Time Lovin’ Man

He’s a Part Time Lover, etc.


Now, a full time lover

Gets to take you to shows,

And a full time lover

Might buy you some clothes

But a Part Time Lover, (Part Time Lover); Part Time Lover, (Part Time Lover),

Part Time Lover, he just takes off your clothes, ‘cause that’s what he knows,

And that’s how it goes.


My hair is getting gray

And my juice is getting thin

So Part Time Lover

Please step right in

And be my Part Time Lover, etc.


He fixed my video, hung the pictures just so, stopped the pipe where it was leaking

He likes the songs I sing and the way I swing, he’s got the love that I’ve been seeking

He don’t give me the blues, I got nothing to lose,

He’s my Part Time Lovin’ Man

He’s a Part Time Lover, etc.

He’s a Part Time Lover and he don’t have to stay and that’s OK,

Because it’s good to have a good man who won’t get in the way.

That’s all I got to say.






8) Dear Diary

By Sylvia Elbaz


It’s almost winter, yet there’s no snow on the ground

The streets are empty but there’s no parking to be found

They’re lighting candles for John Lennon today

And I’ve got a chocolate guitar to play.



Oh, I can’t find the words

It’s so hard on my brain

I’d rather sing with the birds

When it’s Spring again.

I found this letter that you wrote so long ago

You called me Darling, and said you missed me so

Why couldn’t I write the same to you that day?

The time has passed but it never went away




I dined with friends tonight just to make the scene

Ordered the Montrachet over salad greens

Who knows how tomorrow may seem?

Maybe I’ll have a pleasant dream.








9) The Totally Technologically-Challenged Rhumba

Music by Sylvia Elbaz, words by Sylvia Elbaz, Claire Lobel, Beverly Quint


Should I be displayed in wax cause I don’t fax?

Am I the only female who doesn’t e-mail?


Can I really say I’m feeling fine

When I’m not on line?

In this world I’m just a neuter

 ‘Cause I don’t own a computer.

Do I really need a PC

Just to prove I’m of this specie?


To my boss I’m just an albatross

‘Cause I can’t show him what’s in my modem.

Does he really think that I will thrive

On his hard drive?


I tried and tried and tried to tell him

I can’t get it past my cerebellum

And I have no present inclination

To access that piece of information.


You can bet I’m not on the Internet

I don’t know which mode to use to download\

I could try again but in a flash

I’d surely crash.


Whether Fall or Spring or Summer, Winter

I can’t connect ink jet or Laser printer

A hand held calculator I could work it


Just don-t plug it into any circuit


Though it’s the rage to have your own web page

It’s not my venue to seek a menu

You may think I need a CD Rom

But I don’t give a dom. – dot com.






10) In The Middle Of The Room

Music and words by Sylvia Elbaz


There was a little boy and he had a little toy

Right in the middle of the room.

He never would be quiet and always caused a riot

Making all his trucks go Vroooooom!




There was a little bug hiding underneath the rug

Right in the middle of the room.

But soon there were thirty, and they were very dirty,

So we swept them away with a broom.




There was a little cat and she had a little spat

With a mouse in the corner of the room.

The cat was very agile and the mouse was very fragile

And she sent him at once to his doom.




Once a page got loose from a book by Dr. Seuss

Right in the middle of the room.

It got torn up by the bedpost, so we put it in the compost.

And now it helps to make the flowers bloom.




There was a great big tub where we had to take a scrub

Right in the middle of the bathroom.

We soaped and washed and rinsed and then, soaped and washed and rinsed AGAIN!

And now we are quite well groomed.




So now that you are quite well groomed, take your vroom, broom, doom and bloom

And please go to your room.


Now the children are asleep, dreaming lovely dreams so deep

Right in the middle of the room.

But I’ve got another verse, even though I know it’s worse

Just to make you fuss and fume:




There was a little man and he had a little plan

To make love in the middle of the room.

He thought he’d be defiant, but was wife was quite compliant,

So he planted some seeds in her womb.




So that’s my little song and I hope it’s not too long

To sing in the middle of the room

And if you cannot sing it, maybe you can wing it

And use it to chase away some gloom.  Chorus (1x)


I think it’s time for me to leave the room. Chorus (lx)

Before I end up in somebody’s tomb.  Chorus (1x)

Yada, yada, yada, yada, BOOM.



Yada, yada, yada, yada, yada, yada, yada , yada (2X)






11) Maggie May Revisited

Music and words by Sylvia Elbaz


Chorus: Tooralay,  ooralay,  ooralay ay, tooralay, ooralay, ay  (2x)


Good morning, Maggie, I hope can you help me?

The others have drifted away.

I’m stuck in the boonies looking for treasure

And the rain is so heavy today.

The kittens are crying. Their momma has left them

And I’m feeling hopeless as well.

There’s ghosts in the shadows and cracks in the window

And the pictures lay just where they fell.


Chorus:  Tooralay, etc.


Last night in the town I saw Barbry Allen,

Sweet William was nowhere in sight.

She danced and she sang and the guys seemed to like it.

Forgive me if I laughed all the night.

But today I feel different – I can’t seem to focus;

I wish the sun would come out.

I’m longing to see it shine on your face;

Do you remember what that’s all about?


Chorus:  Tooralay, etc.


We live and we learn if we’re wise to begin with

If we’re dumb we haven’t a clue.

So I drift with the tide and its highs and its lows

And often I think about you.

But I did pay the phone bill so I leave you this message

And I hope I didn’t wake you too soon.

And if you won’t answer, please don’t erase it,

Even though it’s a bit out of tune.


Chorus:  Tooralay, etc.


She picked up the phone and then put it back-

It was time to take the children to school.

But when she returned she listened again

Thinking,” Which one of us was the fool?”

I hung up the phone, thought I’d hang himself too.

But I hung up the pictures instead.

If we don’t care for others we’ll all be gone soon

And the kittens- they had to be fed.


Chorus:  Tooralay, etc.


The kittens grew up and soon became cats

And started a life of their own.

And Maggie May called maybe once or twice

And he went more often to town.

So don’t be discouraged if things don’t work out

The sun is there just the same

When you’re ready to play it will all be OK

Faith is the name of the game.






12) She Was My Best Friend

Music and words by Sylvia Elbaz


She was my best friend. I never knew it.

Now she’s my ex-wife. I’ll always rue it.

We had some great times. That’s how I view it.

But there were times, when I just blew it.


The famous people I knew so impressed her.

I felt so proud when I undressed her.

I brought her roses, then got drunk again.

I shouldn’t have done that. I must have been insane.

We laughed but we fought, I thought that life was a game.

So I was up and down while she stayed the same.

She never even told me to go to Hell.

Though I left so many times without a word of farewell.


She was my best friend. I never knew it.

Now she’s my ex-wife. Oh, how I rue it.

We had some great times. That’s how I view it.

But there were times when I just blew it.


My dear wife, how could she love me so?

She tried to help, I was the last to know.

And the children, why did I treat them so?

Didn’t know how much I cared till it was time to go

And my Mama, she was so unkind

Tearin’ up my letters drove me out of my mind.

And my Papa, he was even worse

Drinkin’ and a-gamblin’ all the way to the hearse.


So I am gone now for all eternity.

I left some good things here for posterity.

But there is one thing that all the world can see:

She’s still my best friend, singing songs about me.






13)  Rise Up

Music and words by Sylvia Elbaz


I was born at the break of day,

Rise up honey, yes I will

And here is what I got to say,

Rise up honey, yes I will


Chorus: Rise up, rise up, rise up honey, yes I will (2x)

Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, rise up? Yes I will.


The Israelites were living in tents.

Rise up……….

Till Moses brought  the Ten Commandments

Rise up………



Buddha said, “Boddhisatvas of the Earth:

Rise up…………..

You will teach us our true worth”

Rise up……………



Jesus said and we know it’s true,

Rise up…………..

“Forgive them for they know not what they do”

Rise up……………



I don’t have a verse for Mohammed yet

Rise up………………….

So I’ll go to Mecca to get it set

Rise up…………….



Confucious offered this critique,

Rise up…………..

“Think nine times before you speak”

Rise up………………



The road is rough and the way is long

Rise up honey, yes I will

But my heart is big and my bones are strong

Rise up honey, yes I will



CODA:  Jesus, Moses, Buddha and Mohammed, rise up, yes I will-

“Alle menschen wirden bruder” Rise up, yes I will






14) Lullaby


It’s time to go to bed

It’s time to go to sleep

It’s time to shut your eyes

And in to bed to creep


Your toys are tired too

Let’s put them on the shelf.

So nighty-night young man.

I’m mighty tired myself.