Health’s Kitchen Wins Award in National Video competition


Health’s Kitchen, a series of international cooking shows produced and hosted by your editor, has been selected as a winner in this year’s 18th annual Hometown Video Festival, a project of the Alliance for Community Media.  The announcement was made on July 6, during an awards ceremony at historic Faneuil Hall in Boston.  Health’s Kitchen was one of the 1751 nationwide entries.





Now that the powerhouse antacids, Zantac, Tagament and Pepcid AC are or will be available as non-prescriptive drugs, there has been a new blitz of advertising by those giant pharmaceutical company competitors.  According to The New York Times (Sept. 8), “Americans already spend $1.7 billion a year on antacids like Tums, Mylanta and Maalox, and industry experts say that total could easily double as the new products hit their stride.”


The simple fact that we tend to ignore is that most cases of acid indigestion can be helped by eating less and chewing more.  Are you really producing too much acid, or did you stuff your stomach so that the churning of the stomach pushes your food, now mixed with burning hydrochloric acid, back up through your tired old sphincter muscles into your esophagus?


And did you take the time to puree your food in your mouth so that your stomach doesn’t have to work overtime producing more acid to make a mush that can easily pass into the small intestine?


Digestion begins in the mouth—let it!


Besides breaking down protein, stomach acid kills nasty bacteria that get in with your food.  If you are a habitual user of antacids, you run the risk of harboring the bacteria that doctors say are a major cause of stomach ulcers, which should be treated with antibiotics. Not to be mention the fact that you will be less able to digest your protein.


The stomach walls are supposed to be bathed in mucous to protect them from all this acid, but if you've already burned out the lining of your stomach with carbonic acid from sodas or the anti-inflammatories you read about in our last issue, you need to heal these burns.


Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel -- 2 tablespoons per meal for several months, will do the trick.  Also, the cells of the stomach lining need Vitamin A for repair.  (Be sure your thyroid is OK -- you need thyroxin to utilize Vitamin A).


While you’re waiting to get better, you can get your nourishment by juicing your food.  Carrots with a little kale will give you plenty of Vitamin A (add an apple to keep the doctor away.)  This is also a good idea when you’re under stress, and your digestive juices slow down


A soothing bedtime drink for indigestion, features on the Heath’s Kitchen program, “A Quiche for You,” is: 1 tbs. kuzu dissolved in 1cup cold water.  Cook, stirring about 5 minutes, until it thickens and becomes transparent.  Add soy sauce to taste.  You can even have this drink if you have an ulcer.




A reader writes:  “Can my husband, who is a diabetic, have the maple syrup, barley malt and rice syrup you used in the recipes on your program “Just Desserts”?”


Answer:  As usual in minimal amounts along with whole grains, the recipes for Cranberry Nut Loaf, Ginger Cookies and Carob Candy would not be a problem for a diabetic.  This does NOT mean that a diabetic can pour these syrups over pancakes or French toast